Real Buttermilk vs. Powdered Buttermilk

Okay, so must I must admit. I have battled over the past 3 days whether to add a powdered buttermilk to my pancake mix. I tested it 4 times and it just didn't taste the way my original recipe tasted. I had reservations about placing a pancake mix on the market that required consumers to purchase buttermilk, but today I had an ah-ha moment. That's what makes my product different! The fresher the ingredient's, the better the taste. I am solving a huge problem with today's  grocery stores, they give you options that require you to "just add water". Water dilutes the product and quite frankly, you will never have a great tasting pancake by adding water to a processed mix. That's not a real pancake and it definitely isn't what Southern Culture is about. I guarantee you the very best restaurant doesn't use water in their mix. That's why we take our families out and pay $10.00 for breakfast or brunch. My goal is to create a brand that brings pureness, freshness, and culinary know-how to your everyday cooking. This product line is going to challenge Americans to eat better, eat fresh, and take pride in feeding the families the very best food. You will thank us later for this culinary revolution.

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