Pancake Prototype

Wow, so it's been a long time coming building this prototype and it's done! I still have some final testing to do on the 2 additional flavors, but this is what the packaging will look like. From a little girl, it has been a dream to really immerse myself in food. I work a full-time job currently and every second that I get after I 'm off of work, I work on this. So let me give you my spill on my logic behind the packaging.
I wanted something that represented local and organic, although I am not organically certified, I do use  the best organic ingredients available to create this product.  The orange and green denote local and organic. The blue represents the vanilla flavor.
I thought an ice cream container would be perfect for packaging. It makes my item stand out and that's exactly what you want when on retail shelves. Shortstacks is the name of the actual mix. I got that name  because there is enough in each batch of this mix to make 4 servings of a short stack of pancakes. Get it... lol. A shortstack of pancakes is 3 pancakes and you can make 12 pancakes for each container. I wanted to use smaller containers than other brands because I want you to have the freshest product possible and not let it sit in you pantry for months before using it. Food that sits in pantries for a long time  looses it's quality over time and I don't want that to happen with this product. I would love everyone's feedback on the packaging. Let me know your thoughts!

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  • I love your idea Erica! I also love the enthusiasm and time that you put into your product of quality. I Pray the prayer of Jabez over your life and your products! GOD Bless!lol


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