Sourcing our Product



It is amazing where Southern Culture Foods have come from inception. We have learned so many lessons from our beginning. I think one of the most important lesson that we have learned from is proper sourcing for our products. When I initially created our recipes, I used ingredients from my local farmer's markets and Whole Foods. Well when we started produce on a larger scale, we realized quickly that we had a problem on our hands. We needed ingredients and we needed them in bulk. I thought initially to myself that it would be easy, I thought "just google it". Well in the world of sourcing, you need more than google.


There are a few components to creating a successful sourcing strategy


1.Understand industry standards for buying in bulk, the more you buy, the better price break you get.

2. Know what ingredients you are looking  for and how much, sounds crazy right? Break your recipe down into a formula and make a list. If you have multiple products, there might be duplicates

3. Never take the first price, look for additional suppliers and allow them to compete for your business

4. Ask for samples, you need to inspect the quality and taste of the product


We have finally nailed down our initial suppliers, but will continue to look great tasting products to develop new products and enhance old ones and drive our cost down. It took us months to source, but the best resource we have found so far is . It is phenomenal. The bootom line is that sourcing affects your bottom line.

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