Southern Culture at Atlanta NOSH

Okay, so let me catch my breath because I am so excited. We will be participating starting next Sunday at the Atlanta NOSH! Yippee, our product will finally be on display for all of Atlanta's foodies to see. So I will back up and say that I am very nervous, but confident at the same time. It has been a long wait to actually display our product and I am eager to see what people think. 10 of Atlanta's biggest food bloggers will be there.

The Atlanta NOSH derived from the term Nosh, to eat small bites or snack on.  There will be over 100 vendors there and a lot for the city of Atlanta to see.  The event will be outdoors at Atlantic Station, so we expect the weather to be great. We have to ensure our tent stands out. I have been doing research on little creative ways to keep customers engaged.

We will have pancake demos and bites to taste and a place where people can sign up for our  e-mail list. In preparation for the  ongoing event, I have ordered over 1500 wrap labels and tops, 1,000 containers, the best vanilla you can find, new electric griddle, banner, tent, sampling plates and so much more. My bank account is rapidly getting skinny, but it will all pay off. When you decide to be an entrepreneur, there is a lot of uncertainty, but equally as much hope.That is why we are so excited about the opportunity. Please come out to the Atlanta NOSH starting April 15th at Atlantic Station. It will be held every Sunday from 11am -3 pm. We can't wait to see you there!

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