My lesson from Tory Burch


If you have been breathing for the last 8 years, you have probably heard of fashion icon, Tory Burch. She is the fearless founder of the Bohemian,chic brand Tory Burch. I was so fortunate to to have the opportunity to participate on a conference call with her on Tuesday.

The opportunity came through an organization called Start-up America. They provide valuable resources to budding entrepreneurs via training and opportunities. When I heard about the call, I re-arranged everything I was doing to make sure I could get on the conference call. When the morning conference call came around, believe it or not I was in shock! I was on the phone with Tory Burch.

She started the conversation by walking us through how she conceptualized her brand and created image books of what she wanted her pieces to look like.  Then a  couple years later, she traveled to Hong Kong to partner with manufacturers to produce her product. As a start-up, strapped for cash, so she learned to be creative and found ways to build brand identity with no advertising or marketing. There were a few takeaways that I had from the call.

1. Follow your gut. If  it feels right, it is right If there is no one that doing what you are doing, you are on the right track.

2. Be a patient company. Great things come to those who wait. Focus on building the best product you can and create organic growth.

3. Develop thick skin. There will be a lot of people that will tell you know, but equally as many that will believe in what you are doing.

4. Focus on your product. Your product must be unique, different, and speak for itself.

Armed with my lesson from Tory Burch, I left inspired and motivated.  Southern Culture is slowly growing everyday and I feel good about what we are doing. I continue to research design and always search for the best ingredients. I want people to try my products and say wow, that is amazing. That's my goal. I hope that you all stick with our brand and it becomes a staple in your household. We will continue to be a transparent company, we know it's the only way we can be the best!

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