Playing at William Sonoma



June has been an awesome month for us. I have done demos at many specialty food  stores and yes, our product has made it to Abe's Market. It's been very exciting.We are staying customer focused and people love it. My most rewarding event thus far has been appearing at William-Sonoma, a true culinary playground.

Micheal, my new product development chef, and I got a chance to play in their kitchen. People loved the product and the recipes that we sampled with it. We did a brunch themed showcase, featuring our banana pudding pancakes, candied bacon, and herbed eggs!

What surprised me most is that most people that purchased our product really never stepped outside of the box when it came to breakfast. When they saw the variety of our pancakes, they were hooked! It's amazing when I look back at where this idea came from and to now see it on store shelves is amazing. We have so far to go, but trust me when I say I am not looking back. We are digging more into becoming a breakfast lifestyle brand and will spawn a range of new products over the summer. There are more flavors coming, french toast blends and more. Some I want to keep secret for now, but no more mondane breakfast aisles. SOCU Foods will be hitting a store near you!

If you missed us in June, we have been invited back in July. Take a look at our website for our next appearance at William-Sonoma. Until next time, Peace and Pancakes!

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