A first look at our Maple Syrup


At our last trade show, we were constantly asked, do we have a maple syrup product. Our answer was no. I personally, can't stand using the word No, so I decided to say yes by developing our very own maple syrup.

We decided from a flavor profile to go with a Grade A, Dark Amber.   I love the texture and flavor  of Dark Amber.  It is the perfect marriage with pancakes and waffles. This project had really been a labor of love.


We spent a lot of time designing our bottle, we wanted something functional, so our thoughts were, why not glam up the squeeze bottle.  It's easy to control pouring and  consumers can really see the color of the maple syrup through the bottle.

Our maple syrup will be 8 oz, approximately 4  to 5 servings per container, the same as our pancake and waffle mixes. We expect to have  our syrup released December 1st, just in time for the Holidays.  Take a look at the design above from our awesome designer Beth and let us know your thoughts.

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