Winter Wonderland 2012: Pancakes for a cause

So this week I am focusing on something very special that we will be doing in December. It's called Winter Wonderland. It's a special event that happens every year for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. We were invited to sponsor this event and didn't hesitate to be a part of it. So we are creating a pancake bar for the kids there. I want to go overboard with toppings that the kids can put on their pancakes.  Here is what I am thinking.


S'more pancake


We can incorporate  Chocolate chips, huge marshmallows and some crumbled graham crackers. I think the kids would love it! I can use our vanilla pancakes as a base and melt the chocolate chips inside and put the marshmallows in between each layer! New flavor idea, yay!

Strawberry Shortcake


I will take our original strawberry shortcake base and layer it with fresh whipped cream  and top it with a homemade strawberry sauce.

Banana Pudding


We will take our most popular flavor and layer each pancake stack with whip cream, more vanilla wafers, fresh banana and a banana pudding drizzle.

I am going to have my graphic designer draft up a nice menu the kids and their parents can choose from. I want to incorporate lights under the table with a nice frosted Christmas tree to make our bar a little whimsical.

As we approach the holidays. I continue to reflect on what giving truly means. We are a start up and want to exude social responsibility , that simply means giving back all that you possibly can for a cause. Happy Holidays! See you all in LA.

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