Ready.Jet.GO!!! Welcome to Dubai!


In exactly 18 days, Andre and I will board  our plane and head off to Dubai. I'm sure you are thinking Dubai, pancakes..... that's right. We are heading off to Gulfood 2013 to exhibit  our pancake products along with our newbie Shortstacks Maple Syrup.

This trip did not come without great preparation. We first started our journey about 6 months ago with the help of the U.S Department of Agriculture and U.S Department of Commerce.  I once heard Barbara Corcoran say " Expand before your ready." Dubai has a huge tourism market which means, there are lots of people who enjoy pancakes and waffles during their travels. IHOP has been the first to take the step in the restaurant space to expand to the UAE and we will be one of the first to supply hoteliers and retailers with a premium product they can  enjoy and allow hotels to compete.

We are definately not IHOP, but we are a Artisan Breakfast company that believes creates the world's best food with quality ingredients. Our main objective is to enter the food service space and allow hotels and restaurants to compete with a great tasting pancake and waffle product as well.

Southern Culture 3m x 3m r2 (5)

We started crafting how our booth would look months ago. We wanted our booth to stand out as unique, but also send the message that we provide an outstanding product. Above is a sneak peek of what it will look like! Andre and I have to put it together when we get there.

Some people will say that we are nuts to expand so fast, but 95% percent of the world's consumers live outside of the U.S. We live in a global economy and will always compete on a global scale.

Over the next 18 days I will consume myself with finalizing freight forwarders, finishing company profiles and marketing documents as well as craft a detailed, OCD packing list. I am looking forward to our 14 hour flight and long days of business. We will take lots of pictures and document the entire trip.

See you in Dubai.





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