Loving our new space.

So we've been in our new building since May 1st and it's really  starting to feel like home. We spent 1 full year in a shared kitchen, so having the ability to come into the office and get right to work is a luxury.  I thought it was important to have our logo and motto on the wall, after all it's breakfast inspired and breakfast  re-invented. I placed a small island in the center of the floor so that we can test little pancakes and try out new breakfast recipes.



We have several work stations now. A station for blending batches, roasting pecans and baking cookies.


We also have a packaging station now, for filling all of the orders we are getting.



Overall business is great! We are working hard to create systems that will allow us to be more efficient, faster, and most importantly, the best breakfast brand on earth. I still don't have a desk yet in my office, so I sit in the conference room. In due time or once I time, I will create a place for me to sit.


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  • Proud of u Erica. Follow your dreams!

    Josh Jones

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