Breakfast Products

Project Verified
It is important to us that we demonstrate our passion for using great ingredients. Not just for health reasons, pure ingredients just simply taste good. We decided the best way to showcase great ingredients was to get non-GMO project verified. That’s right, we have a pure supply chain and it's verified by a third party. There are no chemicals in these artisan creations!
We make everything care fully by hand, that is the Southern Culture way. No machine could churn out something this good
When we decided to to rebuild the breakfast experience, we made a executive decision to leave out the powdered dairy. Why? Because everyone should be able to enjoy our mixes. 99% of pancake mixes on the market have powdered eggs and powdered milk which is actually not good for you.
We have great people on our team that understand the mission. They take pride in every batch they produce. That is why when you take home our product you are taking home a part of us and the passion we put in every single small batch we produce.